Business of the FBIA

  1. 1. International Standardization / Certification
    1. (1) International standardization of measurement methods for Fine Bubbles
      1. ① Joint standardization with the Standardization Investigative Commission of AIST
      2. ② Implementation of international standards through the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry's "International Standardization Joint Development Project" (Adopted on August 29th, 2012)
      3. ③ Implementation of various joint research and development projects that are necessary for the abovementioned international standardization
    2. (2) Implementation of certification technology development and product certification for Fine Bubbles Generators, measurement devices, application devices and product materials
  2. 2. Common Fundamental Technology Development Project
    We are planning to conduct joint research and development (measurement methods, operation tests, etc.) with the Terasaka Laboratory at Keio University and member companies. Additionally, joint development with AIST and other universities is under consideration.
  3. 3. Projects for the Collection and Providing of Fundamental Information
    We have plans to conduct a joint information gathering project with a large think-tank regarding the market size and related companies of the Fine Bubble industry, and the provide the results to members. We are also planning to implement fundamental data services. Further, we will have our dedicated website and up-to-date information on information sites such as Wikipedia for global recognition.